Episode 10: Pete and Repeat Go To The Beach (with Rachel)

We welcome the lovely, globe-trotting RACHEL to share her stories of shame this week.

You'll hear how Alan Rickman(may he rest in peace) embarrassed her at The Plaza, how Martha Stewart embarrassed her at play rehearsal, and how our very own Shelby embarrassed her in front of Pete (or Repeat?) at the beach.

AND, as a special treat for you special people, Olive kicks off the episode with a dramatic reading of some haikus about horses. ENJOY.

Read about the horse haikus on Buzzfeed: www.buzzfeed.com/tanyachen/let-me…edokJ#.eiX792LRk

Music in this episode:
"Come and Get Some" by Blank & Kytt (blankkytt.bandcamp.com/)
"Thursday and Snow" by Blank & Kytt (blankkytt.bandcamp.com/)
"Flapjacks" by Podington Bear (soundofpicture.com)
"Flava" by Blank & Kytt (blankkytt.bandcamp.com/)

Olivia Asiala